Children’s Tooth Crowns in Henderson, NV

Cover and restore your child’s natural teeth.

Children’s Dental Crowns

Protecting your child’s tooth from injury and decay.

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A dental crown is a tooth-colored cap that covers and protects your child’s natural tooth after damage. Our pediatric dentist … Click to open this link in the same window … may recommend a tooth crown when a baby or permanent tooth is:

  • Severely decayed
  • Broken or cracked
  • Not developed properly

While your child’s baby teeth will fall out, we may still recommend a crown. Baby teeth have very thin enamel, making it easy for decay to spread to other teeth. With one dental crown, we can protect the rest of your child’s teeth from possible damage.

How do we do it?

  • We’ll use laughing gas or local anesthesia to make your child comfortable
  • We’ll place a dental dam. This small piece of latex will isolate the affected tooth and protect the rest of the mouth
  • We’ll remove any decay and shape the tooth for the dental crown
  • We’ll place the tooth cap snugly over the tooth and polish and file the crown as necessary
  • We will provide you with post-op instructions to keep your child comfortable

Benefits of Tooth Crowns

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Cover and Protect Teeth

Dental crowns hold together damaged teeth and protect healthy teeth.

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Acts Just Like Natural Teeth

Your child will be able to chew their food and speak with ease.

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Ensure Healthy Development

A tooth crown will allow your child’s jawbone and muscles to develop properly.

FAQ about Tooth Crowns

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Meet Our Children’s Dentists

Dedicated to creating a caring environment.

Dr. Harris Dentist at Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics Inspirada in Henderson NV
Dr.Kelly Harris

Pediatric Dentist.

  • Kelly is originally from the Bay Area and has a deep connection to Las Vegas, where she met her fiancé during her residency.

  • She is passionate about healthy nutrition and good oral hygiene habits, which she believes are foundational for lifelong health. Her silliness and team-oriented approach make her a favorite among her young patients and colleagues.

  • In her free time, Kelly enjoys yoga, outdoor activities, trying new restaurants, and dreaming of living abroad in Europe or Japan.

Dr. Leilani Friesen Pediatric Dentist at Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics Inspirada
Dr. Leilani Friesen

Pediatric Dentist.

  • Dr. Friesen is originally from Oahu, Hawaii, but studied and trained in dentistry right here in Las Vegas
  • Dr. Friesen’s expertise, dedication to patients, and commitment to professional growth make her an invaluable addition to our dental family
  • Beyond dentistry, Dr. Friesen embraces family time and outdoor adventures, crafting a life as vibrant as the smiles she creates
Dr. Cale Forgues


  • Dr. Cale Forgues brings a touch of Canadian charm to our practice, originally from Ottawa. Having made the U.S. his home since starting university in 2006, Dr. Forgues embraces a multicultural perspective.

  • Dr. Forgues’s outgoing personality is contagious. He not only creates beautiful smiles but also actively interacts with patients, building an atmosphere of enthusiasm for their orthodontic journey.

  • An avid golfer and a proud dad to three energetic Vizslas, Dr. Forgues finds solace in the great outdoors! He loves hiking and playing fetch with his furry companions.

Dr. Cale Forgues Orthodontist in Henderson NV

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Includes comprehensive exam, X-rays, and cleaning.

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Includes comprehensive evaluation with digital 3D scan.

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